Friday, 31 May 2013

Pedro Crispim + Eureka Shoes = A summer must!

I really enjoy seeing people I admire succeeding in whatever they do and a great example of this is my friend Pedro Crispim. As you all already know, last night saw the opening of the new shoe shop Eureka and the presentation of the shoes created in the "Style me up" project. It was a resounding success! The shop is fantastic. The shoes they sell are amazing and everything is so trendy! You’ll find so many ‘must haves’ for this season as well as Pedro Crispim’s own creation: a bold flower pattern in purple and green! I'm very proud of him and I wish him all the best because he deserves it.  And you know what to do if you want to be the centre of attention this summer, don’t you? Get yourself a pair of Eureka shoes!! Click on this link if you want to win one of them.

From the left: me, Mia Relógio, Silvana Querido, Pedro Crispim, Cláudio Ramos. 

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Rule # 21: How to wear ruffles.

Ruffles have been all over the catwalks and the low cost companies have used them to give us an affordable chance to look amazing and trendy. We can see this stylish new trend on anything from t-shirts and shirts to skirts, dresses and jackets. Used well, ruffles can create a sophisticated and chic look for any occasion


The most important tip I can give you to make the most of this trend is to know your body type. This is essential to using ruffles draw attention to your assets and disguise your flaws. Have a look to my post Know your body typeIf your body has a triangle shape you should wear ruffles to balance it by using them on the upper part of your body. Opt for shirts or t-shirts with ruffles over the shoulders and avoid pieces with ruffles on the waist line. If your body is an inverted triangle my recommendation is to use ruffles on your waist line. In this case there are plenty of options but the best one is the peplum. Peplum gives you volume in this area so it will make your figure look balanced. If your body has a rectangle shape then use the ruffles to add volume in you upper and/or lower body but, be gentle: you don't want to look like you are wearing a costume! Oval body shaped girls should be careful when using ruffles. My advice is to wear dark colours and avoid adding volume either on the top and on the lower body. If you are one of these girls and really would like to try ruffles, use peplum on your waistline (always dark colours!).
But if you are one the lucky girls to have the perfect body (hourglass) you can use ruffles as you wish! Just use them to accentuate your figure! 

Zara & Blanco

You don't know how to use ruffles? Well that's easy! You could look chic and fabulous by wearing a ruffled top with a pencil skirt or trousers to go to work or with a pair of jeans to go out with your girlfriends. Ruffled dresses could be a great option for events. They give you a sophisticated and chic look and are very trendy. Check out these looks I've created for you, I hope you like them! 

Leather jacket, bag & shoes, Zara. Jeans & necklace, Mango. 

Skirt & bag, Zara. Shirt, Mango. Necklace, Blanco. Flats, Asos. Sunglasses, Gucci. 

Dress at Shoes & clutch, Zara. Earrings at

Dress at Bag at Shoes Guess. 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Eureka is one of the biggest Portuguese shoe companies and it's known for its trendy creations. Under the project Style Me Up some of the most fashionable faces in Portugal were asked to create and style a pair of shoes. One of them is Pedro Crispim who I admire and respect for all his work in the Portuguese fashion industry and, in particular, because he is the one who taught me and shared his knowledge with me. The others are Raquel Prates who is a Portuguese fashion icon, Pureza Fleming, a fashion blogger and Filipe Fangueiro and Paulo Meixeido from DSECTION magazine. 

I see their creations as a reflection of their own personality. Pedro Crispim created a pair of slippers in a bold flowered pattern (and I love them!) that will make people look down at your feet when you wear them. Raquel Prates opted for a modern take on a pair of women’s Oxford shoes by using ice white on the exterior and nude on the inside, all crowned with a golden brass heel. To die for! 
Pureza Fleming created a pair of black leather sandals with a wild red leopard pattern, and the duo from DSECTION Magazine created a pair of trendy black leather shoes. 

The presentation of these marvellous creations will take place tomorrow in Lisbon at the Dolce Vita Monumental Shopping Centre from 6 P.M. 

See you all there because you're all invited!! 

Pedro Crispim

Raquel Prates

Dsection Magazine 

Pureza Fleming

Friday, 24 May 2013

Rule # 20: Colorblocking yourself! (how to wear this trend).

Rainbow bright colours instantly catch the eye but also put many fashionistas in a difficult position. How to colourblock? How to choose a colourful clothing piece right, how to combine bright and bold colours, how to embrace the colourblocking trend without looking like a walking colour wheel? At first sight all these questions seem to be unsolvable and many girls and women quite often just avoid the colour blocking trend in order not to make any fashion mistakes. However, we all know that fashion loves boldness, creativeness and experiments. So let's learn how to colour block right and look gorgeous and bright. 


The name of this fashionable trend is everywhere now, from red carpet events and fashion editorials to the street style. The main principle of the colour blocking trend is the combination of different colours and hues. You can create a more modest colour couple with two hues of the same colour family or go wilder and try three or more eye-popping hues. Actually, this is what bother fashionistas: how to determine what colours create a harmonious union? What to do to avoid too loud and overdone looks? 


The main rule of colourblocking is to avoid sharp contrasts. The colour pair must remain within the same sentiment. Major colours go with major ones, while minors create a beautiful union with minor ones. This is why pink looks so amazing in combination with orange, while the same pink is just unbearable when matched with light green. 
The simplest solution is to follow the rule of the "colour wheel". Colours are located in the spectrum on the basis of an organic transition from one to another. The colours which are on both sides of a particular colour, will be the best for it to form a colour-blocking union. For example, red looks most adventurous with orange or purple (or pink), yellow goes well with light green or mustard, while turquoise with blue or green. First come the basic colours which are red, yellow and blue, and only then the secondary ones, that is their derivates: green, purple and orange, complemented by tertiary colours, which are formed from the subsequent combination. 

It's important for beginners to study all the facets of the colour spectrum. If you always have loved to wear neutral colours, blacks and whites, don't rush to dress in all the possible rainbow hues. Instead, choose a pair of complementary hues such as blue with dark blue, pink with red, lilac with purple. 

  • Pink has a special place in the colour-blocking system. It can be easily replaced by red and used in all the possible colour combination that are usually applied to red. 
  • Emerald green and bright red blend perfectly with each other due to the "jewelry" factor. Both shades exude a real precious shine as do gold and copper. 
  • It's important to stick to the same saturation of colours: neon go well with neons, while pastels with pastels hues. 
  • Try to play within the range of three colours in one outfit to avoid any style blunders. The fourth one will look already too much. 
  • Pay attention to your complexion and hair colour. For example, cobalt and juicy green hues lose their charm on the background of pale complexion and blond hair. 
  • Keep in mind that too bright and massive colour blocking tends to make your figure look bigger. 
  • The easiest and safest way of colourblocking is to wear neutral outfits with some bright accessories, such as a pair of bright shoes in two colours, a colourful handbag or a two-tone bracelet. 
  • If you are still afraid of colourblocking but you want to brighten up your look, you can try ready-to-wear colour-blocked pieces, like a dress featuring two or three colours. 
  • Don't shy away from printed pieces while colourblocking but keep this to the minimum. For example, you can wear printed scarf with your colour-blocked outfits. 


While wearing colour-blocked outfits it's important to feel the limits. Bright and colour-blocked outfits should be complemented only with neutral and minimalist accessories. If you have chosen a light spring colour-blocked dress (like orange and purple, or red and blue), go for neutral accessories. Think modest and elegant nude pumps or a beige clutch, plain necklaces or bracelets that will not attract additional attention. Also make sure to wear a maximum natural makeup with colour-blocked outfits. 
And last but not least, a very important rule of wearing the colour blocking trend is to be self-confident and never feel afraid to show off your style imagination and mood. Always experiment and you will discover a new self of you in every new colour! 

Some looks I created for you:

Pics: Pinterest

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Portuguese Golden Globes Glamour Review.

As I said in the last post, I was invited to the Portuguese Golden Globes Awards and I was expecting to see glamour and sophistication from beautiful Portuguese women in stunning gowns with great makeup and hair. I created two lists, one with the “best dressed” and another with the "not so well dressed". And to my surprise the "not so well dressed" list is (quite) a few names longer.

I can’t for the life of me think what goes through the heads of these women. Perhaps that they have a strange concept of what would be fashionable and appropriate for the biggest event in Portugal in terms of cinema, theatre, sport, music and TV. I know we are going through a financial crisis but these people at least should be able to get their hands on a decent gown, at least one that fits or is in a colour that suits them. 

Well, I have a message for all of the Golden Globe ladies: you could be wearing the most expensive and glamour dress but what it makes a look good is the styling. And you know what? Designers are designers, they do the dresses, but stylists make the magic happen. And that's what most of you need. 

For example, Luciana Abreu (poor thing) looked better dressed as Carmen Miranda during her performance than on the red carpet where everything she wore looked awful and artificial. We all know she is not 100% natural but Luciana, get some help, please! 

Then we have those young actresses that want to look like Hollywood stars and wear the same kind of hairdo that some of them used to wear a couple of years before. This is the case of Inês Castel Branco. A beautiful young girl whose hairstyle aged her by 15 years. Nice dress indeed but bad styling.

Others such as Andreia Rodrigues, Cláudia Vieira (who always wears the same type of dress) and Ana Rita Clara showed too much skin for my taste. If you have a big cleavage on show, try not to show too much of your legs as well. It’s neither elegant nor chic and can look downright cheap. Oh Ana Rita Clara!! What were you thinking?! I mean... that dress, those shoes!??!

And I can’t forget to comment on the dress that award winner Sharam Diniz worn. She's such a beautiful young girl that has even worked for Victoria's Secret and she appeared wearing that awful dated chocolate brown corset gown! Oh my God! She could've worn something nicer. She needs a stylist. 
By the way, was Cláudia Vieira wearing the same dress that Ana Lucia wore last year but with some alterations? 

Then there was a group of 3 members of the same family who looked like they had got a discount on a job lot of frocks at the discount store. I'm talking about Rita Ribeiro and her daughters. 

Anyway, I could go on and on about the “not so well dressed” but I’m starting to feel a bit mean-spirited and, in any case, you can judge for yourselves when you go through the pictures... 

Thank God we had some AMAZING looks. Stunning dresses and marvellous styling did appear and among them was Fiona Bunnett wearing a simple and elegant white asymmetric dress. Or Diana Chaves with a beautiful gown that was perfect for this kind of event. I also loved Cláudia Borges’ green dress by Diogo Miranda as well as Sandra Cachide’s effort. My "best dressed" list also features Sofia Cerveira Filipa Valente, Dânia Neto, Iva Domingues and Raquel Prates. 

I think that beauty and elegance can be found in simple things. We don't need to overdo it, but I also have to say that you can’t buy style, as we saw so clearly at the Golden Globes

And a little appointment for men... please leave your trainers shoes at home. You are not going to run unless you are nominated and thinking of steeling one of the prizes! 


Clockwise from left to right: Cláudia Vieira & Ana Lucia at the 2012 Golden Globes, Cláudia Vieira and Andreia Rodrigues. 

Clockwise from left to right: Inês Castel Branco, Ana Rita Clara, Rita Ribeiro & daughters, Luciana Abreu. 
Sharam Diniz


Fiona Bunnett, Diana Chaves, Cláudia Borges, Sandra Cachide

Filipa Valente, Iva Domingues, Raque Prates, Sofia Cerveira

Dânia Neto

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Portuguese Golden Globes: Glamour in the red carpet.

Tomorrow Lisbon hosts the annual Portuguese Golden Globes. Everybody's eyes will be on the red carpet hoping to see amazing gowns and glamour. Here are some examples of what The Fashion Guide Blog would like to see. I'll keep you up to date...

Monday, 13 May 2013

Rule # 19: Packing like a professional.

Gorgeous weather and the coming beach and pool season will temp us to travel a little bit more and enjoy the sun, the sand and a drink overlooking the ocean with that special someone, or maybe just a city break with your girlfriends. In any of the case, packing is always a nightmare, at least for me! You can never take too much. It doesn't matter if it’s just for a weekend or for a week, we need to pack it all!

Well, now is not going to be a problem anymore if you follow these fashion tips. 
    • Packing basics: simple clothes are so versatile that you can mix them and upgrade your outfit using accessories. It doesn't mean you cannot pack 1 or 2 pieces with a pattern, but don't overdo it. Patterned clothes are more difficult to combine. 
    • While packing, think about what outfit you're going to wear every day and if possible, take a picture so when you arrive at your destination you won't have to spend hours thinking about what to wear. 
    • Put a pair of comfortable shoes in your suitcase that you could wear for sightseeing and a pair of heels for rocking the night. If your destination is the beach or a place with a pool, don't forget a pair of sandals or flip flops (I'm not a big fan of flip flops, sandals are more chic). 
    • Don't forget your handbag. A shopper bag could be the perfect one to use for the beach and for your sightseeing. A little clutch could be used at night.
    • Jewellery is always a must and nice pieces will work to upgrade your outfit. Avoid big pieces during the day. 
    • Even if you are traveling to a warm place, you shouldn't forget to pack a light jacket. A denim one could be perfect!  
Guidelines to choose appropriate items: as with all the lists, it's very important to select items that work all together and can be wear interchangeably. 
  1. Colour: one colour story. Solids, patterns within the same color story. 
  2. Fabric: durable, quick dry. 
  3. Cut: good fit, classic styles that match with everything.
  4. Style: appropriate in various settings: beach, villages, cities, temples, etc.
  5. Travel bag: carryon size weekender bag.
Have a look at the examples I've found. There are several options. Ah, and don't forget your sunblock cream and a big desire to have fun! 

River Island (€77), Zara (€79,95) & Parfois (€40)

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Rule # 18: How to choose the right swimwear.

Although confidence is the key to rocking any swimsuit style and looking hot on the beach or at the pool, sometimes that confidence can hardly do magic if you don’t choose the right swimwear for your body type. Swimsuit shopping may seem a long and difficult process, but once you know your body language and pick the style that flatters your silhouette, you instantly become a hottie beach bunny and get one of those it figures that everybody admires. Luckily nowadays swimsuits for women come in a lots of shades and shapes and there is a fabulous style for any figure type and size. All you have to do is study your silhouette and know what is good for you and what not, and not just what you like and want. Here are a few style tips to keep in mind when you shop for swimwear.


The principle rule in finding the best swimsuit for you is to know your body shape. If one swimsuit style looks great on your friend, that doesn’t mean you will also shine in it. If you don’t know your body shape check this post "How to know your body type".


Once you know your body shape, you can focus more easily. These are some great swimwear tips for you to consider while shopping for a swimsuit:

Swimwear for a smaller bust:
  • Think a top with ruffles, frills or draping at the bust, as this will add volume and balance out a flatter chest.
  • Instead of choosing a simple string bikini, pick structured underwire bikini tops with padding.
  • To add interest into your beach look and create the illusion of an hourglass figure, go for retro-inspired one-piece swimsuits with inbuilt cups or a halterneck that draws in the waist.
  • Another great idea is to try sporty bathing suits with modern cutaways. This is especially great for those having a straight up-and-down figure.

Swimwear for a large bust:
  • Halternecks are the best style of swimwear for women with a large bust, as they perfectly support the bust and also create a beautiful vintage pin-up look.
  • To balance your figure, go for cupped underwire bikini styles with fuller cups.
  • Avoid any additional embellishments or ruffles, as this will make your bust appear unnaturally bigger. Instead go for simple and sleek designs.
  • One of the best swimwear styles for women with a large bust is the one featuring peplum or frill at the hips. This will balance out the volume on top and create the illusion of a smaller waistline.

Swimwear for a bigger hips or triangle shape figure:
  • To shift the attention from your wide hips, look for bottoms that sit across, not below them.
  • Avoid any boy-short cuts, as they tend to make the hips look bigger.
  • Think dark colored bottoms and lighter tops to draw attention upwards.
  • Choose a swimwear style with a lot of control and coverage. A suit with higher cut legs will slim down your figure and elongate your legs.
  • Choose two-piece swimsuits with a dark, solid color on the bottom and a brighter one on the top. Detailing on the top, such as pleats, ruffles or patterns will also shift the attention to the top. The bottom should be kept maximum modest and simple.
  • You may like to accentuate your beautiful narrow shoulders and for this go for a strapless or one-shoulder asymmetrical swimsuit.
  • A feminine tankini with a beautiful swim skirt attached will also be great for triangle shaped women. The skirt will camouflage any body flaws.

Swimwear to slim down a stomach:
  • To disguise lumps and bumps, try bathing suits with shirring or gathering at the torso.
  • Go for a tankini, as this type of swimwear covers the stomach, but also lets you breathe well, unlike the clingy one-piece styles.
  • A monokini with cuts at the sides can also balance out your figure and create the illusion of a flatter stomach.
  • If you choose a one-pieces style, go for a dark colored one or a swimsuit featuring all-over prints, as this won’t show every contour underneath. However, avoid a swimsuit with horizontal stripes, as they make the tummy appear bigger.

Swimwear for a rectangular shaped figure:
  • Look for a one-piece or two-piece bathing suit with some detailing around the waist. This will help you create the perfect hourglass shape.
  • Think swimsuits with a form fitting waist and a soft cup bra. This will make your rectangular figure appear curvier.
  • Halternecks are great for almost any body type, and straight body shape is no exception. You can also try one-piece styles with a bold bright color overall and a darker one in the waistline, as this will make your waist appear smaller.
  • Try solid bold colors and a plunging neckline to make the butt and bust stand out.
  • Choose frills, ruffles, diagonal lines and bright, cheerful patterns to create the illusion of curves. However, stay away from horizontal-striped, solid-colored styles, as well as ones with cuts straight across your body.

Swimwear for oval shaped figure:
  • A crossover suit is a great option for apple shaped women. A color-blocked style with color in the middle will balance the figure and camouflage body problems.
  • A swimsuit with high-cut legs and a low-cut neckline will shift the attention from your tummy to your legs.
  • Choose swimsuits in darker shades, such as black to slim down your body. You can also work with prints and patterns.

Swimwear for hourglass shaped figure:

Women with hourglass shaped figure are the luckiest ones, as almost any swimsuit style works great on them. From bandeau tops, haltertops and one-piece styles to two-piece swimsuits and bikinis, everything looks great on this type of figure. You should just work with colors, prints, cuts and embellishments to draw attention to the areas you want and camouflage the problem areas.

Swimwear to give an overall slim look:
  • Think stretchy one-piece bathing suits, if you are in search of the perfect sliming swimwear.
  • A body-shaping swimsuit that offers all over control is also great for slimming down your figure.
  • Try also one-piece swimwear with mesh or lace inserts, as this style will provide coverage while looking stylish and sexy.
Other Swimwear Tips

Focus on the Colors, Patterns, Details and Fabrics of the Swimwear.
The secret to a sexy swimsuit is drawing the eye to your best assets and camouflaging your body flows. For this, you should work with colors, patterns, details and fabrics of the swimsuits you are choosing.
  • Go for a bright color or pattern, if you want to accentuate a certain part of your body.
  • Play with patterns to highlight a feature you like. This way the eye will be focused on the pattern, rather than your body. Keep the pattern size relative to your silhouette. Thus if you are petite, think smaller and more delicate patterns, and if you are a bit larger, small prints will just make you look even larger. So in this case, opt for larger and bolder prints.
  • To hide some problematic areas, use a solid color. If you are pale skinned, think black or jewel tones, like dark purple, navy and maroon. If you have dark skin, go for bright colors.
  • To add volume to certain areas (like the top), go for ruffles, frills or other embellishments. And on the contrary, to hide volume, use shirred and ruched fabric.

Select the Right Cut
  • A one-piece style or a high-waisted swimsuit will hide your waist. Think one in darker shades or with shirred panels over the stomach.
  • A tankini will accentuate your waist.
  • Boy-shorts make the hips look wider, no matter what color they feature.
  • High-cut bikini bottoms elongate the legs.
  • Haltertops, triangle tops and tie-front bikini tops draw attention to the bust, while bandeau tops tend to make the bust appear wider.

Last but not least, when shopping a swimsuit, pay more attention to the fit than the size. If the swimsuit looks too small than your size, try a size bigger. Also keep in mind that swimsuits tend to enlarge a bit while wet. To camouflage certain areas, at the same time appear more stylish, you can also turn towards various accessories and cover-ups. And of course, never forget the most important accessories – self-confidence and your great smile!